Route optimization software for 70+ via routes
I have a Nuvi 760 and inspect houses for occupancy and sometimes I have 70+ vias on my routes. Each route is unique and I have to enter a new one each day. Not much fun...Does anyone have a good solution for this. I have looked at the Garmin Mobile PC but the Garmin site is not forthcoming with much detail about using Mobile PC and the 760. The 760 route optimizes but sometimes uses something besides logic to do it and the interface is VERY CLUNKY to try to fix a route? I would like to be able to input the addresses in my pc, optimize the route and transfer the route to my 760. Any suggestions for route optimization software?

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Garmin MapSource is the computer tool to use to generate routes for your 760. You may already have it and the latest maps available on your computer if you have updated the maps for the Nuvi via the internet.

You can generate a route of 70 stops fairly easily in MapSource, either by creating a stop at each location using the route tool; or by creating a list of waypoints from the addresses and making a route with them. Unfortunately MapSource can not optimize the route. You would have to send it to the 760 and depend on its optimization function for that.

Mobile PC is not meant as an adjunct to the Nuvi but rather a standalone computer program with similar functionality. If you were able to use a laptop in your vehicle (what this group is all about), you could do the same thing you do now only on a larger screen and a real keyboard.

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Originally Posted by tcassidy
If you were able to use a laptop in your vehicle (what this group is all about), you could do the same thing you do now only on a larger screen and a real keyboard.
...or, a laptop solution would also allow you to use a more feature-rich mapping software, such as Microsoft Streets and Trips, which would allow you to modify a plotted route easier, and do other useful tasks, too.
Thanks. I will have to do something. I passed the same via point twice today before she finally directed me to it. Back tracking is annoying
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Laptop software will show you a better picture of your route(s). You can easily have 3 or maybe 4 (or more) square miles showing on the screen and the detail will be such that it will be a lot easier to spot discrepancies.
I wish there was a way to do this in DeLorme Street Atlas, but they don't have a good way to do it yet.
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Hi djtentman,

Microsoft Streets and Trips has always been quite good at doing route optimization. It is a very simple procedure. All that a user needs to do is to enter all your stops, decide which one is the start and which one is your destination, and then press the "Optimize" button. It will reorder the stops so you can get from start to finish in the shortest time (or shortest distance, which ever your preference).

The current version, Streets & Trips 2010, is capable of exporting to Garmin personal navigation devices, and it is also able to export GPX files. But I haven't personally tested this functionality, so I do not know how well it would work in real life. This export feature is new to S&T, and I haven't yet heard much user feedback on it.
If you are still looking for a solution that will provide this, my company has developed a solution that will map and optimize your stops and plan out whatever timespan you want.
That sounds very interesting. Please let me know how I can find out more info.
Streets & Trips really does appear to be the most common solution for these "traveling salespeople" problems.

For example, this is the most prominent mention of Streets & Trips I've encountered recently. (Emphasis mine.)

Off she went on her rounds each day, navigating with a special Microsoft Streets and Trips plan she prepared in advance, with 60 to 80 venues marked with dots, triangles or blue squares, according to size, dollar value and priority, wearing her company badge with photo ID, hoping for a little friendly discussion.
Of course, part of the reason it's used so frequently is that Streets & Trips is so cheap. Whereas a company that actually specializes in routing will charge you real money for it.
...and let us not forget the 60-day full-featured trial period...
You posted originally from last year and may have already found your solution, but if not, you may want to consider our software CDXZipStream, a Microsoft Excel add in that works in conjunction with MapPoint. It offers the advantage that you can list all your destinations in an Excel worksheet, and it will optimize the order as well as provide driving directions, trip duration data, fuel cost and a map. The user works entirely in Excel, with MapPoint working entirely in the background. Hope this is helpful ...
I have a piece of software on my laptop that will do this. You can import the adresses from a csv/excel/word and off you go. Normally used for routing trucks even does stuff like rush hour down to street level.

Slight problem on the price though which might answer your question..

The fully loaded version is just under $100k.
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Sounds like ARC Gis. The one I used only cost $88K.
Actually it is Paragon, similar product though. The version I have includes multi-country and some clever add-ons which push the cost up. About