Mac GPS software
Is there any GPS software available for the Mac operating system? I did a search however I could not find any software that is like Streets and Trips, Street Atlas or the Garmin sofware , I have the most current of these for the PC. I do not want to use it with my hand held or dash mounted. I would like the same software that was available for the PC. know Garmin talked about it in 2007.

I want to know too!
To a first approximation, there is no Mac software similar to what is available for Windows. S&T, Street Atlas, and Garmin Mobile PC are considered specialized software -- PNDs are mainstream, laptops are out-of-the-mainstream.

Specialized software tends not to be available for the Mac -- that's the tradeoff that you make when you decide to buy a Mac.

Marvin answered a similar question about four months ago. I haven't heard of any major changes in the status quo.
The closest thing is a product called RouteBuddy. However, it has some MAJOR shortcomings. It's also stupidly expensive.

The best I've come up with yet (I'm a Mac user) is to use VMWare Fusion to run Win XP on my MacBook Pro. Then I can run any of the usual software.
Don, mapeyes - it looks like the only solution at this time is to get some virtualization software (Parallels or VMWare) and a retail copy of Windows, THEN obtaining some PC GPS software. I have Parallels and MS Streets & Trips 2008... works fine (although getting CrossOver working would be nice)

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