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HangedMan's Top 10 Wishes for Microsoft Streets and Trips
I wish there were tabs like in Excel so that I could setup different viewing options per tab. That way I could switch tabs easily while driving, and I wouldn't have to undo/redo options every time I want to see things differently.
I wish it would allow converting GPS tracks to routable roads.
I wish there was a reset function. It seems to store the last known GPS location and the direction of travel when saving the map, then gets confused if you didn't use the map during the whole trip and crashes.
I want more route information "widgets" like not just the next maneuver but the one after that (sometimes they are very close, and sometimes the 1st one is silly, especially in areas where there are lots of splits on ramps and you only find out at the last second to change lanes). How about more ETA stats like time to next wp, total trip time, total stopped time.
I'd like to see a toolbar to control the GPS instead of having to open the panel. At least an on/off button on the toolbar.
I'd like it if it is possible to assign a shortcut key to (practically) any function.
I wish I could turn on/off displaying pushpin sets individually.
I wish the directions used way less room and gave more info.
I wish the directions would stay on the screen even when you go "off route"
I wish it would call out notices when crossing state lines like it does for maneuvers.
I wish it could display mile marker info on interstates and the upcoming exit number.
I wish the pushpin sets were more efficient. They seem to slow loading times considerably.
I wish pushpins could have their information setup like mp3s have tags.
I wish pushpin sets were stored externally so that if you updated a set while in one saved map file, it would show the same update in any other map file that uses the set.
… Didn’t run out of ideas, just out of time…
I’m sure some of these were mentioned elsewhere but…
I wish I could permanently turn off the warning message when starting the GPS.
I wish the Use Dynamic Turn View would switch to Keep position centered during the off route times.
I wish full screen mode is available at all times, not just when Provide Driving Guidance is on..
I wish Send Map Feedback would allow sending a GPS trail.
I wish it possible to overlay Live Search Maps imagery.
I wish I could create a huge wall maps of street level detail.
I wish it possible to avoid a road, a section of a road, or an access ramp. In addition, to be able to apply the avoid only in one direction. Also to apply the avoid based on the day of week/time of day and to have an expiry date on the avoid. This is useful for planning a route against an obvious better choice because of information not available to S&T such as local construction & traffic patterns.
I wish it were possible to use the freeform or oval drawing tools to create an avoid area.
I wish I could see exactly what I would be selecting if I press a mouse button with an information popup beside the pointer that is activated when I press the control key while hovering over something on the map with the mouse.
I wish that pushpins are a searchable item when finding nearby places. (Find nearby pushpins)
I wish that find could be confined to an area. For example it’s possible to select a rectangular area, right click and select “Avoid Area”. It should also be possible to select search within that area.
I wish it possible to enlarge the size of the find window.
I wish the cardinal directions which is available on the 3D view is also available on the 2D view and full screen view along with the speed limit and my speed.
I wish it possible to add a point of interest marker as I’m passing by it so I can fill in the information later.
I wish the Measure Distance tool could follow roads.
I wish all tabs and toolbars would invert colors when in night mode, not just the map.
I wish there is a utility to convert a picture to a pushpin icon.
In the route planner I wish I could drag/drop a stop to a different location.
In the route planner, I wish I could right click a stop and select zoom to.
Features ... features! This list begs the question, just how much would you be willing to pay for a version of Streets & Trips that offered all of these features? I think that for the price they charge, Microsoft deserves a big round of applause!

I am a little peeved about their decision to allow installation on only TWO computers though.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi bikerjoe,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

Do you wish to install S&T on 4 computers? Buy 2 x S&T . How many installations will other products allow for the price of two copies of Streets & Trips? Some only one, some only two. You will get 4 .

I just re-read the whole HangedMan's Top 10 Wish List. Good list. I like most, if not all. of the listed items. I feel vast majority of them would add value to the product. But I'm not sure if any of the listed items have made it to Streets and Trips 2009 . But there are several other items in other people's wish lists here at Laptop GPS World that have been already confirmed for S&T 2009 (ready to be in stores in a few weeks, Sept. 2008).
Yeah! I can't wait! I am anxious to get the new version. As for the number of computers, I have a computer in my truck, and a laptop I CARRY in my truck as a backup, since I could get lost in a paper bag with one end open. I have to tell you that before GPS, I was one sorry navigator, known among my friends as "The guy most likely to get lost in his own driveway!" I am not sure I could run my towing business without GPS to get to the customers, and get THEM to their destinations but S&T (and my backup but seldom used DeLorme program) do the trick! I have two other computers in my home office, and two friends who are unemployed and nearly unemployABLE due to medical issues. They can dispatch me using their computers at their homes.

I bought TWO copies of S&T 2008, and my friends are currently using MapQuest to calculate distances for billing purposes. When I am really busy, I call one of them and say, "Calculate a tow from (Pt. A) top (Pt. B) and call the customer back for me..." I forward the number to their cell phone, and they handle the time-consuming stuff while I am negotiating this crazy California traffic.
There is one feature that seems to me completely obvious, that neither Microsoft (nor anyone else as far as I know) has included: An address book with user-stored names and addresses. Isn't it obvious that I should be able to map out a trip by using the words "home," or "office," or "Bill & Michelle," etc.? I can't believe that such a feature would be all that difficult, and its desirability is obvious.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Stan,

Welcome to the forums.

That's a wonderful suggestion! I think it is better to create a new thread for each single idea/suggestion/bug, etc. I copied your post to: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/952-streets-trips-needs-favorites-home
Originally Posted by bikerjoe
Features ... features! This list begs the question, just how much would you be willing to pay for a version of Streets & Trips that offered all of these features? I think that for the price they charge, Microsoft deserves a big round of applause!

I am a little peeved about their decision to allow installation on only TWO computers though.
I agree about people requesting all these features but I'm in a different group. I don't need the real time navigation functions. I want the actually trip planning features expanded. Things like being able to tell it you've refueled, etc.

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