Gosget S1 GPS driver virus?
I have a Gosget S1 GPS receiver, and I've lost the driver CD. I went to Gosget's website to download the driver, but Avast is reporting it as a Trojan Horse. I'm hoping it's a false positive, as I can't find another driver elsewhere. But I didn't install the driver just in case. Any thoughts?
It contains a PL-2303 driver for XP and PL-2303HXD driver for Vista. They checked ok with NOD32 when I expanded them.

Mad Jock McSporran
Sorry to ressurect an old thread but since I got here by googling I figure others will also someday so, for posterity...

Their are several places you can upload suspicious files to have them scanned with dozens of different AV engines. The biggest two are "Jotti" and "Virus total".

I couldn't see the S1 driver on their website so I'll leave it to someone else to actually test it ( and post a link to it maybe). it wouldn't be the first time bargain basement hardware has shipped with malware so even though it's unlikely it's probably worth checking.


A good practise in many cases. However the Prolific PL-2303 file is a very common USB to serial driver used by many USB GPS devices. It can be downloaded direct from the Prolific site if anyone is concerned though.

I too misplaced my CD for my Gosget BU-373 and can't find a place to download it. I ended up going to my netbooks Devices and Printers box and there I found a "u-blox 6 GPS receiver". Did a right click and it did the rest pretty much and now I am up.
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