How to import GPS data (KML file) to online maps (Bing maps or Google maps)
Has anyone had much experience with Bing maps or Google Maps - as far as putting up GPS data on it?

First, I would love to know if it's possible to import a KML file into Bing Maps - has anyone succeeded?

Second, I have tried importing a KML file (output from my MS S&T map via POI Converter) into Google Maps, but every time, I only end up with 296 out of my 1420 pins imported
Well, if you're going in to Bing Maps, I would imagine you're going to run into a 200-point limit, as that's what I saw on the request/response coming back from their KML parser. I saw that when trying to solve a totally separate issue I'm having with Bing Maps:

Using Bing Maps with a KML Feed - Successes & Failures <edit>Expired link was removed</edit>

Hope that helps you some.
200 points? that's all? Ouch.
As it turns out, you can do way more than 200 points. You run into performance issues in some browsers (i.e. IE6) but I was able to get a mapping solution to work great with 600+ polygons:
It looks like this: 2011-03-02 16:25 - Google Maps
Just discovered it:
Load a KML file on internet
Go to Google Maps
Put the URL in the "search box".
Tada. You can save it now to "My maps"
OMG, it works with gpx: - Google Maps
Ken in Regina
Thank you for the tips to display those files. Where do you put them on the internet so you can make a link to them? Do you use a personal ftp account or do you use something else?

I use my own website.
But I had more good news:
  1. Open
  2. Log in or create a google account
  3. Go to "My maps"
  4. "Create new map"
  5. "Import"
Tadá: you can import it from your PC
Ken in Regina
Another gem, Javier. Thank you!

My Point...Exactly
I like the idea of importing points to Google Maps, because then I can access them from my Android phone - and use them as a part of my in-vehicle navigation.

So I do all my analysis on S&T - and then, when ready to drive, have the option of picking the point on the phone - and using the navigation function to driver there. Personally - I still prefer running S&T as my nav device - but others may like the convenience of the phone.

See a tutorial for uploading points from Microsoft Streets and Trips to Google Maps

This first tutorial covers getting the points to Google - the next will cover using them on the Android.
When I followed the same steps (export GPX from S&T2011, convert using with all three options checked, log into google map and create a map and import the KML file), all I got in google map was a red line straight between where the waypoints were in S&T, but no apparent way to see the actual waypoints or select them in google maps.

Here's a section of the original S&T2011 map:

...and after exporting GPX from this and converting to KML,
here's what approx. the same map section looked like in google map:

UPDATE: while the process described above did not import usable route points, it did work OK with 66 pushpin points from S&T...

...although it looks like several pushpin points are missing in google map, they show up when zoomed farther in.
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