Importing from Excel to Streets & Trips - keeping order of stops
Trying to import latitude and longitude from Excel into Microsoft Streets and Trips - which is not the problem. The issue is that I want to keep them in order. Example in .txt attachment.

When I import into Streets & Trips, the pushpins do not keep the same stop sort #. Stop 1 might become pushpin # 18 and so on. I must maintain the stop # or a time label for reference.You can go in and sort manually by moving each stop from the legend but this would take a long time. I am looking at an average of 50 lat/longs per trip. Any suggestions appreciated.
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Marvin Hlavac
Hi navigate1,

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RouteWriter: Export Microsoft MapPoint Route WayPoints to Excel - that's an add-on that addresses the issue. Unfortunately it doesn't work with Microsoft Streets & Trips. It only works with the more expensive Microsoft MapPoint.
Thanks for the information - Have access to MapPoint, will try it.
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