Warning: National Geographic Topo!
While the tab for live tracking appears in the software menus, Live Tracking is -not- functional with National Geographic Topo! Software.

My initial inquiry to their support team explained that I was seeking to run the Topo Software on a netbook, and I was seeking a dongle to perform live tracking in the vehicle.

The reply from the support team was curt. "Buy one of the GPS units on this chart."

So $150 later, I have a used Triton. Upon setup, I click the Live Tracking button on the software. "This feature not available for this unit at this time."

At this point, I attempt to call the support staff. Several calls over the course of a business day, all directed to voice mail.

So another email, detailing my situation. Is there another GPS unit with which the live tracking function will work? Another curt reply. "Our developers are currently working on this function."

Had the support team informed me that the live tracking function was not working, I could trashed the software at an earlier stage, and put the money towards a unit compatible with Terrain Navigator which I will clearly need to switch to.

Without doubt the worst customer service I have ever encountered. If you plan to use Topo maps with a laptop or netbook, you'd be advised to avoid this software.
Marvin Hlavac
Catalinaminerals, a few weeks have past... Has the issue with National Geographic Topo been resolved since?
I have been using the National Geographic Topo State Series maps for about 8 years now. I do live tracking all the time. I have used both the eTrex and eTrex Summit, Map60csx and my GlobalSat 353 receiver. The only issue I ever have is with the USB units. Although NG Topo seems to have USB support, it's been flaky at best. I run GPS gate to fix this, which will easily and reliably convert your USB GPS into a COM port.

I have used a number of other TOPO map software and NG Topo State Series is by far my favororite. About