Garmin is entering the Laptop PC, TabletPC, and UMPC market with its Garmin Mobile PC
Marvin Hlavac
You actually see it on a store shelf? I thought it was not yet available (till April 1st)!
Yes, I saw it Friday… But they had just one pack...
Marvin Hlavac
Cool, I don't think I would have resisted the urge to buy it, even though I don't need the hardware part, just the software ! That's great news, Alain, thanks very much. It looks like we can look forward to feedback from early buyers of Garmin Mobile PC very soon. But I suspect your local Best Buy put it on shelf one week earlier than official release date .
I apologize I made a mistake, it was not the right bundle…

GPS 18 Deluxe
Part Number: 010-00321-00
Suggested Retail Price: $ 129.99 USD

Turn your laptop PC into a powerful street navigator with the GPS 18 — a GPS sensor bundled with nRoute® and MapSource® City Navigator® software that automatically guides you with turn-by-turn directions and voice prompts to your destination.

Navigate with Ease
The included nRoute and City Navigator DVDs put navigation and detailed maps, including a hefty points of interest database, at your fingertips. To get started, just download the navigation and map data software, connect the GPS 18 receiver to your USB or Serial port and start navigating. Look up addresses and services and get voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions to your destination — displayed right on your laptop screen!


The new software is:


Garmin Mobile PC™
2nd Quarter, 2008
Part Number: 010-00685-00
Suggested Retail Price: $ 99.99 USD

Add full-featured navigation to your Laptop or ultra mobile PC with Garmin Mobile PC. Get maps, millions of POIs, easy-to-use navigation software, turn-by-turn directions that speak street names (English only), route planning and more — all from the trusted leader in GPS navigation, Garmin.
Navigate with Your Laptop
Packed with preloaded maps, millions of destinations and full GPS navigation capabilities, Garmin Mobile PC software turns your laptop into a powerful street navigator. Its intuitive interface greets you with two simple options "Where to?" and "View Maps." Easily look up addresses and services and get turn-by-turn directions that announce the names of exits and streets to your destination. Also receive automatic corrections if you stray off course. With Garmin Mobile PC, you can upload custom points of interest, such as safety cameras, and conveniently navigate to Outlook® Contacts.

Sorry but it was similar....!
Marvin Hlavac
I just spent a few minutes searching the Web to see when Garmin Mobile PC is expected to be in stores. I was under the impression it was supposed to be released today. I e-mailed Garmin a few days ago, but received no reply. I've checked with about 10 website stores, and they all report 0 items in stock. Only one store gives actual ETA: April 9, 2008. Has anyone seen any other advertised expected arrival date? (I can't wait ).
Ken in Regina
GPS Central in Calgary just says "Q2 2008".

Marvin Hlavac
I phoned a local GPS store. "Sometime in April" was his answer.
I see that CascadeGPS are offering Garmin Mobile PC with receiver at a discount. I didn't complete the order/check-out process, but there was no mention of delayed delivery, as far as I went.
Has anyone dealt with this firm? If so, would you recommend them?
I am an Australian, but expect be in USA/Canada May through July. I would have the item delivered to a USA address.
I have Microsoft S & T 2006, which I used on a previous visit, but am considering upgrading. Yes, I've been following the threads here and elsewhere about S & T 2008. The improved receiver is a drawcard.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi mod,

I'd suggest to wait a bit. I suspect some websites are just simply not setup to display if an item is actually in-stock or not. I've checked several websites, but nobody shows they have it available. One site expects it on the 7th, and another one on the 9th.

Wait till you see a store specifically stating on their website that the item is in stock. I think you have plenty of time, especially since you will be ordering it to be delivered to a USA mailing address. (Be prepared to try to order from several stores, as some may not allow shipping to address different from the one associated with your credit card.)
Marvin Hlavac

Garmin Mobile PC will not be limited to USA/Canada market. In the above screenshot you can see two new SKUs with European map data. There is still no MSRP, but I would expect it to be similar to the North American versions.

The above screenshot was taken this morning, April 12, 2008. Check Garmin website for updated information: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=13484&pvID=14861
Ken in Regina
I will be watching with interest to see what people think of the product and some of the specific features. Right now I have nroute working nicely with the GPS sensor from S&T 2008 so there will have to be a pretty good package of enhancements for me to even consider it.

Marvin Hlavac
It looks like Garmin Mobile PC is starting to become available. TigerGPS has the software-only version in stock, and they were shipping them out today. The version which includes the GPS receivers is marked as "pre-order".
GPS Central has the software and the sensor available separately but not as a package. GPS City Ca shows preorder and US says April 15.TVNAV US lists all 3 combinations but doesn't specify if they are in stock or not.

Marvin Hlavac
Because my last email request for a review copy of Garmin Mobile PC remains unanswered, and since this product is inexpensive, and since it is starting to show up in stores, and especially since I just cannot wait... I decided to order .

But I word of caution to those who are impatient like me - don't be impatient - take your time, otherwise you may end up making a mistake like I just did. Here's what happened:

I placed my order at TigerGPS - the only store today that actually I trust has it already in stock. I placed the order rather quickly, without paying too much attention to any details. When it was already too late I noticed I was charged quite a lot for shipping. I ended up being charged $60.00 for shipping (+ $59.99 for the product itself).

But as I said, it's all my fault. I shouldn't have rushed through the order form. I should have read what the shipping from USA to Canada would cost me. It's all there on their web site:

International customers: we only ship via UPS or FedEx International Express, which costs $60-$90, and is fully insured and guaranteed and generally only takes 2-3 business days to arrive.
Well, I'm looking forward to it, anyway !!!
I am reallly sorry to hear that.
Next time check out TVNAV for Garmin products. They are likely to have it first, are easily as dependable as Tiger and ship USPS. It will take a week if held up by customs but is way cheaper in shipping and probably in product cost.
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