Garmin is entering the Laptop PC, TabletPC, and UMPC market with its Garmin Mobile PC
Just to let you guys know...there's an update for the software.

Got it working with the internal GPS on the UMPC and its looking good. 8+ satellites indoors sitting on my desk. Unfortunately this device does not have a PrtScr button so I will have to take a picture.
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Can you confimed that it does not have an OSK? A member over mp3car.com said it does not have one.
I cannot find an on-screen keyboard. It does respond to using the stylus and writing on the screen in the appropriate box. I would hate to try that on the road.
Its always something, isn't it!

Next...how do I transfer my favourites from MapSource? I guess I need to call Garmin again.
Ken in Regina
3D differential is good in the house. I like that the stuff on the left and right edges of the screen is transparent.

Can you do me a favor and see if they've add all the street names in Fernie, and maybe some addresses, too? Before 2009 there is a street grid but it only has about three of the streets named and no addresses. It's one of my benchmarks to see how much they are improving.

Marvin Hlavac
Now that Garmin Mobile PC is available in stores, if I could kindly ask everyone to continue discussion at the following link:


I posted several pictures there already .

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