How to use an NMEA GPS receiver with nRoute
Ken in Regina
I'm entering this for the FAQ. This will describe how to use nRoute with a GPS receiver that only sends NMEA data.

nRoute will not use NMEA data. It will only work with Garmin protocol, which is very similar to NMEA but not identical.

You need another software called GPSGate Express. This will read the NMEA data from your receiver and convert it to Garmin protocol for nRoute to read.

You can download a 14-day trial version of GPSGate. If you decide to buy it, be sure you purchase the Express version. It is very favorably priced.

When you run GPSGate, click on the icon it puts in the Windows System Tray. Click on "Settings" and then click to run the Wizard. Make sure you tell it you want to use Garmin protocol. Then look on the "Output" tab to see which COM port GPSGate is sending the Garmin protocol.

In nRoute, set the GPS COM port to the one that GPSGate is sending the Garmin protocol.

EDIT: Mapsource will not work with any GPS. It is only for working with the maps. nRoute is the one that will do the GPS tracking for you.


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