PC GPS software needed for a fire truck
I am looking for a GPS system that will work on a Panasonic touch books that is mounted in a fire truck. I have touch screen and have a exterior GPS antenna installed on the roof of the truck. It needs to easy to use
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Commish,

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Which part of the world are you in? Software that may be appropriate for one continent, may not have map coverage elsewhere, etc.

Here we have a that has links to various reviews. That may be a good start, but do let us know where you are located.
New Jersey, USA
I'd suggest iGuidance for ease of use, or Garmin Mobile PC
Marvin Hlavac
Both excellent choices! And they are easy to use, too. I would consider Microsoft Streets & Trips as well, though. Since there is a free 60-day fully functional trial available for download, it will cost nothing to try. I don't work for a fire department, so I don't know exactly what you guys need. Perhaps someone in the field will stumble upon this discussion, and s/he will offer some insight.
Another option would be just get a standalone GPS unit, such as a Garmin or TomTom.
Commish, if you have 911 changes in your area, I don't think you're gonna find one that has them if they are recent. Also, I think you are going to find that most software is going to come with a disclaimer that states it is not suitable for emergency/critical use. IOW, I would hate to think you would depend on any of these to get to a fire on time...
Marvin Hlavac
I have actually heard of fire departments using Streets & Trips (or the more expensive MapPoint). It beats a mapbook! It may not have the newest street in it, but it comes with many features a printed map doesn't have. And the included annotation tools may help you draw the missing street or two.

I'd definitely recommend Streets and Trips on a large screen over a small PND.
Mandolin Guy
I would rule against a stand-alone unit. There might be times when you want to look at a larger area than the small units will show. If you decide you're going to need traffic blocked to segregate a serious fire scene, the ability to look at that larger area in some detail could be advantageous.

If you're in a city of any size, check to see if they're using ESRI/ArcView. It's a high-dollar program that has a lot of municipal-related uses. About