Showing Streets & Trips pushpin labels on map full time
Is there a way to show the labels of pushpins on the map all the time? i.e a switch somewhere to turn on and off.

We use Streets & Trips 2009 on a laptop while geocaching and having the labels on full time would save having to hover and right click then going to proprties.
if you select the pushpin and hit F8, it will turn on the label.
However is there a way to leave all the labels on full time?
You can do this in Streets & Trips 2010.

Originally Posted by Marvin Hlavac
Show/Hide pushpin set, Show/Hide pushpin information

For many years, users have repeatedly asked for the ability to easily turn on/off pushpin information balloons, and also to turn on/off pushpinsets. But just like with the GPX import/export feature mentioned earlier, I had never really expected to ever see this feature in a new Streets & Trips version because user requests for it in the past never succeeded.

Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 adds the ability for users to easily hide/show individual pushpin sets. When pushpin sets are shown, users can toggle show/hide all pushpin information balloons. Again, kudos to the good people @ MSFT for implementing this so very helpful functionality.
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