Combining Microsoft Streets and Trips maps
I have several different Microsoft Streets and Trips maps with pushpins that I would like to combine into one map. Is this possible?
Yes, it is possible.

- Open 2 instances of Streets & Trips application, say: Source app and target app
- In the Target, Create a New Map File
- Right click the Pushpin set name on the Source app and select 'Copy' (Pushpin set will be displayed in the 'Legend and overview' pane)
- Paste the contents into the Target app (Edit menu - Paste)
- Once you have successfully copied all the Pushpin set from the source to the target app, Now open another saved map file in the Source and start transferring that to your target.

This is one way of doing it, I am sure others here will have more to add to this.

NOTE: You can also do this even with 2 different versions of Streets & Trips. i.e. Your Source app can be Streets & Trips 2008 and Target app can be Streets & Trips 2009, or vice versa.
Awesome! Thanks!
Marvin Hlavac
Added to Tips & Tricks for Streets & Trips.
yeah but that only worked with pins. there was no easy way to move all the lines I sketched out on the 2 maps I later melded other than laboriously cutting / pasting.
Actually, you can copy waypoints and stops from one map to another without converting them to pushpins. Using the two-open-map aproach that Gladwin describes above (it helps if the two maps are in windows side-by-side rather than full-screened), copy [/Edit/Copy or Ctrl-C] a Start, Stop, or End from the source map's Route Planner panel and then paste [/Edit/Paste or Ctrl-V] it into the target map's Route Planer where is says 'type place or address', then add it to the route [Add to Route]. Unfortunately, you have to do this one by one but it is doable, if you don't have too many, by just mousing back and forth from one window to the other.

But I think most things, if not all, you can do in one map is copyable and pasteable into another using this technique. This includes the GPS Trail, lines, arrows, shapes (including filled-in colors), and, of course, pushpins by selecting on the map (click on it) what you want to copy, then copy it [Ctrl-C] and paste it [Ctrl-V] on the target map. Note that you do not have to worry about the location of the thing you are copying across; just click anywhere on the target map and paste and S&T will place it in the same location on the target map as it was on the source map. Unfortunately, they must be done one at a time, so it would be better if S&T had the capacity to select a whole range of these things for mass copying.
Yeah, the pushpin sets are a cinch to move in groups between documents; it's the shapes and lines that have to be laboriously moved one by one. Wait and see if that's fixed in S&T 2010 I guess...
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