Need sail boat PC GPS hardware and software using marine charts
Here's the problem, I want hardware and software for marine applications. That is to say one which can use and interface with marine charts showing current position cross track error I.E. distance off course bearing to mark etc

Like most people I'm a bit confused. what I really want is a display of course made good. (cog) bearing to the way point. velocity made good to the way point. Cross track error, (off course error), velocity over the ground. I like paper charts :-))) They are an absolute necessity for me. But the ability to reference chart details would be nice, one never seems to have the right chart and a large library is expensive, but I prefer paper plots since they are not subject to failures of electronics.

The point here is that this is what my loran (a low end sitex) used to do for me.

I have an older Magellan hand held GPS, but the display is to small for the helsman to see. Generally speaking, the helmsperson steered by reference to the cross track error display. Helms persons have really no need of anything else except of a magnetic compass. As for the navigator, he needs a good chart library. I think that this is the real value of a PC, the ability to store charts.

Let me get the exact details on the magelian and get back to you
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thx po6ert
Ken in Cape Breton
Jeppsen's brand Nobeltec makes a couple of different marine navigation options for laptops: Nobeltec Navigation Software by Jeppesen

I personally use an older version (about 10 years old) of Nobeltec's software called Visual Navagation Suite, Version 4.1.400. The charts I use are NDI / Canadian Hydrography Charts (I'm in Canada). It does everything I need it to do and can use the free raster charts availabe from the U.S government (NOAA): Raster Navigational Charts: NOAA RNCs

Nobeltec's Visual Navagation Suite, Version 4.1.400a will display course made good. (cog) bearing to the way point. velocity made good to the way point, cross track error,( off course error), velocity over the ground.

The display is simple to cusomise to any information you want displayed at any font size, in any position on the screen.

On the other hand, my Garmin GPSMap 76CSx will display most of this as well with a display that is reasonably customisable and is waterproof (submersible to 1 metre for 30 minutes and it floats) so it can be out in the weather at the helm.


Screeen size is a problem on my old sitex cross tarack error was displayed as a set of 00/00/ 00 so on course was 00:00:00 00:00:50 would be cross track error 50 metres starboard etc numbers were about an inch and a half high and easily read by a helmsman .

I can set a laptop up to be veiwed a waterproof screen.

This all seemed so simple and effective I navigated up and down the Pacific coast with this system and never had a problem as long as I had the right charts.

More later thx
Ken in Cape Breton
Here is an example of what my LapTop screen usually looks like while navagating and what it can look like if I make the XTE and Helsman's display large. *Yes, the location on the boat in the examples is on dry land. I took these screen shots on my desktop computer at home.
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I just spent 30 min writing a reply although i had logged in the software refused to recognize the post and dumped it. stupid me i didn't paste it to a word doc. duh. thank for your swift reply i will respond tomorrow when i cool off
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