Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 will not start
Can anyone help me resolve this problem: I install Streets and Trips 2008 and it will not open. I reinstall it --same thing. I have used this product for years and don't know why it won't open. I have Windows XP.

Thanks, Ralph
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Ralph,

:welcome: to Laptop GPS World.

Did your 2008 version of Streets & Trips suddenly stopped working? Or did you just install it, and it never started for you?
I have exactly the same problem. Used it for over a year on desktop & laptop with no problems. As I clicked the icon to open it the other day, the hour glass stayed on for a couple seconds, then nothing. I went to "Add/Remove Programs" & removed it. I re-installed it & removed it 3 times, & the last time I tried to re-install it, my CD Rom drive won't even notice it's there. Very frustrating.

I called MS Tech support for help, & they said they quit helping on that version last year in October, & I should "buy a newer edition". I still have a 2002 version that worked fine for 7 years with no trouble. Is there "planned obsolescence" on software like an incandescent light bulb?

MS has lost all my respect. I would never make anything that breaks down after a short time & not have a reasonable explanation for it. Email wehelp@microsoft.com & let them know what happened, they need to offer a fix!!!
Marvin Hlavac
Hi usersuper1, and welcome to the forum. I feel your frustration, it's always upsetting when something breaks down. Which version are you using? Is it v.2008, just like the original poster, or a different year?
It's the same one, I guess, I think the older 2008 version. Either way, it worked fine for over a year, then won't start. I did what I said I wouldn't do & bought the 2010 so I can add the Pushpin Megafile I saw on your site. The same version (2008) still works fine on the laptop (HP Mini) we take on the road.
Marvin Hlavac
It could have been related to the issue discussed in this topic: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/166-streets-2008-stopping-after-5-6-weeks

That was corrected in version 2009 (as reported on pages 9 and 10 of that long discussion thread).

Most users never experienced the issue, but some did.

Hopefully your new version will work for you without a glitch.
Here 'ya go Ralph. Got this from an Indian (from India) w/ MS. He sent me a file that fixed the same problem for me. It's a .zip file called 181391200...zip Go on line to MS Support & find it & download it. Save to your computer somewhere then open (extract) it & run the first one of the two (It comes with a fix for S&T 2010 also.

This worked great on mine, although I had to redo the Const. fix also.

Good Luck, Dave

A couple of the techs at my company are having this issue; 2008 worked fine for years before inexplicably failing to open.

I tried to find the fix you describe on the MS support, but couldn't. Any chance someone could give me a further nudge in the right direction?

I've been waiting (I wouldn't say patiently anymore) to upgrade to Streets & Trips 2011, so hopefully that comes out soon.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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