Does DeLorme Street Atlas 2009 do RV / large vehicle routing?
Ed N
Does any know if DeLorme Street Atlas 2009 gives warnings about narrow roads and low bridges. We travel in a class A motor home and SA2007 does not. It is a pain to travel down a road and reach a RR bridge that is a foot shorter than I can go under. If not is there a better choice?
Mandolin Guy
No it doesn't. It is primarily designed to provide routing information. However, it does have POIs. If you looking for clearance information try http://www.discoveryowners.com/cginfolinks.htm It's an RV web site with overlays for rest stops, Wal Marts, Flying Js, Pilots, clearances and a lot more, that will work on DeLorme, S&T and CoPilot. It also has text files.

I don't know how often it's updated but most states have quit raising and lower their bridges and overpasses :rofl" so it should be OK.

I have a Class A RV and I use it more for WalMarts, Sam's etc.
Ed N
Thanks I'll check that out. We often travel back roads and enjoy what many people miss. Last year we went to Yellowstone then worked our way back to Tucson area (home base) and it only took us 2 months. We stay in national and state parks many times dry camping. If you haven't been to Utah you should try it out. We went to many of the canyons in Utah, they are all different. So we don't want to get stuck on a narrow road at a RR bridge pulling our car.
Ed N
How do you use the info on the site. I have an older version of DeLorme and tried to download for Az. got the file but what do I do next? thanks Ed.
Mandolin Guy
I use SA 2009. Here are those instructions:

The file must be unzipped. Unzip them to a folder SA recognizes. They should probably be in a "Draw" file in "DeLorme Docs").

To show them on the map, click on "Map Files" probably on the left. Then on the right side is "Add." Click on "Add" and then "Draw Files." It should show the an1 files. It will add the file you select and there will be a check box so you can turn it on and off.

I'm trying to remember how to do it before they changed their interface. Hopefully, I'll report back (if someone doesn't come forth first).
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