New PC GPS navigation software: Navmii by Geolife
Marvin Hlavac
Geolife, the developer of the new Sat-Nav / GPS navigation software Navmii, is releasing
this week a Windows XP/Vista/7 version of the program.

[July 6, 2009] Matt Thornhill, Chief Operating Officer of GeoLife Limited talked to Laptop GPS World:

This week we are releasing Navmii ( www.navmii.com ) on Microsoft Windows XP & Vista.

Laptop GPS World: Why are you releasing a PC version of your software? What is the motivation behind the XP/Vista/7 release?

Geolife: I come from an automotive infotainment background. I was one of the founders and CEO of a company called Karputer. Over the years Karputer has worked with many large automotive companies designing and supplying many next generation in car infotainment solutions, including both Hardware and software. Karputer holds various patents involving in vehicle PC's. Last year Karputer was acquired by Geolife.

GeoLife have been developing worldwide GPS software for companies for the last 6 years and recently switched its focus from B2B to B2C (although we still work on many B2B projects) for example we have just built and rolled out Nigeria's first complete mobile GPS software for one of Nigeria's largest Telco's.

With the XP/Vista version of Navmii we aim to supply OEM's with fully customisable software as well as delivering a (hopefully) great piece of software to the end user.

Our aim is to have Navmii running across all platforms and OS's. It's a huge challenge but we also aim to build/promote the Navmii brand globally and compete with the big 4.

Laptop GPS World: Do you anticipate any OEM in the near future to sell their laptop/tablet/UMPC with your software?

Geolife: Yes, but at the moment I cannot disclose who these are.

Laptop GPS World: Will people buy the software through your site? Do you have some distributors, too? Which continents?

Geolife: We use 4 main channels to retail Navmii -

e-fulfilment - which the Navmii site plays a large part.
High street stores - a number of large UK/Europe/US companies are looking to
stock our software.
Distribution - We are in final talks to with a 2 large distributors to
distribute Navmii globally
App stores - not relevant to xp version

Laptop GPS World: Which countries will you have covered with your PC version of the sat-nav software when it first launches? Are other countries going to follow (which ones)?

Geolife: We recently did a soft launch in the UK. We aim to release US maps for all versions in the next 2-4 weeks, with Western/Eastern Europe to follow in the next 3 months. Asia/South America by the end of this year. We are also concentrating on the emerging markets as well. For example we have partnered with Nigeria largest mobile distributor to release a Nigerian version of Navmii - with full maps of Nigeria. This will be released in August.

Laptop GPS World: Who is the map data supplier for the USA/Canada version of Navmii? On your web site I see that the European version will include Tele Atlas maps.

Geolife: The US map data will be supplied by TeleAtlas, although our core engine also supports Navteq GDF format.

Laptop GPS World: We at Laptop GPS World are obviously very excited with your PC version release, and we wish you all the very best.
Marvin Hlavac
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