Navmii on laptop - first impressions
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You have more than 1000 King street matches in your state/ province? And the one you want isn't near the top?

I will admit that nRoute and MapSource are a bit behind the times. Garmin Mobile PC does not have this issue. However, you CAN search by street; with Navmii and some other TeleAtlas based products, it is not an option at all.


Thanks. I think I got that. It is slightly better now.
For less common street (like Inca that is a road ), it is a lot easier

Marvin Hlavac
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The lines that disappear into nowhere are the ferry/boat routes to Ireland, Isle of Man, France etc

I'll let you all know how my install goes. Next week I'm putting this on a car-PC/Carputer (After Market system not Manufacturers) which uses a touch screen monitor.

Should be fun as I am in the UK and will get full usage with the UK maps.

Hi Tim,

:welcome: to Laptop GPS World.

Thanks for the explanation about the lines that go to nowhere. That makes more sense now.

I'm very much looking forward to more of your feedback on Navmii once you have a chance to test drive it on your CarPC.
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The map screen looks good on my UMPC at 800x480. The program is quite small and appears very fast even on this anemic device. I do note the maps are TeleAtlas.

Odd you should pick that screenshot -- I used to live on that map!
Happy new year to you all!

Thanks for the discussion, very valid observations.

We've been having some difficulties here in the UK with address lookup particularly in city areas that encompass several smaller towns or bouroughs as we would call them.
The address lookup functions were completely re-written recently to allow us to expand functions beyond UK specifics and enable us to localise for worldwide markets. It's proving difficult but we're getting there, hopefully the next update will resolve most of the outstanding issues.

The problem with oceans not being defined and shown in blue is due to our lack of Outerworld data for the US, we only just got this resolved in the UK so it should not be long before the US data becomes complete in this respect.

Which version do we all have?
v1.3 was released recently, here is a link if you need it:

Anyone that needs a trial extending can contact me directly chris(at)navmii(dot)com
Marvin Hlavac
Chris, Happy New Year 2010 to you, too. Thanks for taking the address lookup issues seriously. Some GPS applications may be excellent, but if users find it difficult to look up their destination addresses, they may just move on to other products that may or may not be as good in other areas.
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