i.Trek M7 Bluetooth GPS help!
My i.Trek M7 Bluetooth GPS working with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 and S&T2005 receiver has very serious delay on the rod (speed, position, etc). I'm using GPS Gate and has been trying all possible configurations of this software. When GPS Gate is turned off all works OK. What I'm missing?
Can anyone help with configuration?
Why are you using GPS Gate? The iTrek M7 in Bluetooth mode will work perfectly directly with S&T.

Hmmm... came free with i.Trek! I'm using both 2005 & 2009 at same time + satellite positions tracking software.
Marvin Hlavac
Free? Nice! I think you might have purchased your i.Trek M7 from Semsons.com, as they I think give free GPS Gate with a purchase of a GPS receiver.
Is it possible you have too many things running at the same time? Did you try just one program at a time with GPS Gate? If that is ok, start adding programs until you see a problem.

Ken in Regina
GPSGate gives you a bunch of COM ports to use and you need to be certain you don't have any of the GPS programs trying to use the same COM port.

You also need to make sure that you have the right settings on the COM port that S&T is using. I think it only tolerates 4800.

Another possibility for the "slow" reactions in S&T is if the M7 is sending the data faster than once per second. Perhaps GPSGate is allowing it to send more frequently (the M7 is capable of sending the data updates as frequently as 5 times per second, aka 5Hz).

I tried only one S&T 2005 or 2009 with GpsGate over bluetooth connection.
There is no baud setting for bluetooth. Still running slow
Marvin Hlavac
When you say "running slow", do you mean the GPS position lags very much? You stop driving and the GPS icon still keeps on going for several seconds till it reaches your location? If that's the case, than as Ken said above, the 5Hz setting is the issue. Use the software that came with the GPS receiver to lower the setting to 1Hz.
Thanks Marvin and Ken. Running slow I mean: I was on highway 15min ago and now I'm seating in my living room but my position still on highway with speed is 70MPH! I lower setting to 1Hz but that software seems not working for me. The iTrek M7 seems work OK with S&T but is not accepting anything else.
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, that issue will be cured easily as soon as you switch the GPS receiver to 1Hz. I don't have an i.Trek M7 and the utility software here, so I cannot say how it is done. But it is possible.
If I am not mistaken, GPSview, the program that comes with the iTrek, does not work over Bluetooth. You have to physically connect the iTrek to a USB port and switch it to USB. Assuming you have the driver installed the data will appear on a COM port.

Set GPSview to 115200, and choose the matching COM port. Then click the 'On' button. You will then be able to set the refresh rate to 1 Hz with the drop down and the 'Set' button.

Close GPSview, disconnect the iTrek from the computer and switch it to Nav. Then try your S&T tests again.

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OK! OK! OK! Thanks so much guys! You are right 1Hz is the key! Now I know what I did wrong, very simple things, I"m dummy!
Too many settings with bunch of different softwares, check and uncheck wrong things. waaah.gif

Now I catch my mistakes and all looks working OK
GpsGate, GpsViev, VisualGps, S&T 2005 and 2009 seems working at same time with one iTrek M7 over bluetooth! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Name:  kiss.gif
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