Can pushpin balloon text data be imported to Microsoft Streets and Trips?
Can text data for the pushpin balloon be imported utilizing the import wizard? I know it can be "copy/pasted" 1 pushpin at a time - if it can't be imported via the wizard does any one know of a way to "batch load" this type data into pushpin balloons? Either at time of pushpin creation or after pushpin has been created?
It is easy. You can select one of the data colunm in your file for the one you want to display in the balloon. In the legend pane, just click the data set you imported, then do right click properties, then click on the balloon tab. You can select one of the field in your data as the one you want to use for the balloon (you can choose any data column you want. Just add an extra column for the balloon in your data file, or choose any column you may want in your data file...) There are 2 examples fields in my dataset "baloon" and "address"

In my example, the pushpin dataset name is qq and i have choosen the field balloon to be displayed (you can select more than one if needed)

Good luck
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MisterMoonlight - thanks for the reply - do you know if there is a more detailed writeup concerning pushpins than that in the S/T help documentation - i'm trying to determine the maximum size of the fields that will be displayed in the ballon - the help documentation says that the max size for the "name" field is 128 char. and 510 for the "text" field - i've imported pushpins with data in these fields far exceeding these sizes(that were accepted by the import wizard and (stored in the file ?) - upon displaying the ballon fields the data entered appears to have been truncated - the "name" field was about 28 char. and "text" field approx. 300 char - it appears that the field data will be accepted and (stored ?) but not displayed completely - i'm not trying to exceed the size limits - i'm trying to determine how much i can enter and have it displayed in the ballon - it would be nice to have a pushpin record(s) layout with field names and max size - again thanks for your reply - Ray Plumlee
I don't have any idea of the max for these because usually these fields are small in my case. One feature that i am using a lot in the balloon, you can add an html link to a web page which is very usefull.

I think you already have an idea of the maximum for the name and ballon text. Best way is to try it like you already did. I have never seen this info anywhere...
Marvin Hlavac
Ray, instead of trying to place so much text in the information balloon, could you, as MisterMoonlight mentioned above, place a hyperlink in the info balloon? It doesn't have to be a link to a web site. It could be a link to a document or a folder on your laptop.
Marvin/Mister Moonlight - of course both you guys are right - i think this was a case of "inquiring minds want to know"
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