Can I use my touch screen phone as a GPS receiver for my laptop?

How can I use Nokia Xpress 5800 as a GPS device for my laptop?
Someone recently asked a similar question about using a PDA as a GPS receiver for a laptop: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2149-use-my-pda-gps-receiver-laptop

I am not aware of a similar program for Symbian OS, though there shouldn't be any technical barrier. The potential market for such a program would be very small, though.
I had a Wireless CDMA data card that had a built in GPS.

Could see the data, but the performance of the GPS leaves much to be desired.

Technically possible, but the problem is will you be happy with a real crappy GPS?
Mandolin Guy
The simple answer is not really. Most phones will not share GPS data with a computer and if they do, it's only moderately accurate, at best. If a phone has GPS capabilities, it's almost always a stand-alone unit.
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