How to resize Navigation pane in Microsoft Streets and Trips?
I've tried to resize (smaller) the driving guidance pane numerous times, but it only will go so small. I'm running Streets and Trips 2006 right now. For no more info than is contained in it, it sure takes up a lot of real estate on the screen.

As an after thought, does iGuidance 4 provide a more user friendly presentation than Streets and Trips 2008? By user friendly, more like the Lowrance iWay350c that I used to use?
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, I agree that the Driver Guidance pane takes up more space than necessary. Actually I think there is no need for the pane to exist at all. The information contained in there could be just simply overlayed on the map, like some other navigation products do it.

Yes, iGuidance is considered by many users to be more driver-friendly. It doesn't offer so many features like Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 does, but many users can happily live with limited number of features. The picture bellow is iGuidance version 4.

Hi smitty,

Unfortunately in Streets and Trips 2008 you can not adjust the size of the driving guidance pane at all. Every time I try to change the size of it, I get the double lines as if I can do it, but when I release the mouse button the window goes back to it's original size. Now if you switch it over to full screen view, the driver guidance pane doesn't take up as much room, maybe the bottom 1/4 of the screen... just a thought.
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