GPS software needed for my Bluetooth GPS receiver and Toshiba laptop
I was recently given a BT-308 Bluetooth GPS receiver and I have been able to get it to connect to my Toshiba laptop without a problem but I am new to the Laptop/GPS thing. I need a software that will work with my BT-308 receiver and am getting confused at all the information on this site. I did not realize there were so many programs but it goes to figure there would be. Any help would be wonderful.
The GlobalSat BT-308 is getting a bit long in the tooth. However, if you have the drivers for your laptop, it should work with any navigation software discussed here. If you are in North America, download the free trial version of Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009 and get your feet wet.

I have been able to get Mapsphere to work but it seems to need to be connected to the internet to update maps. Is there a free software that come with maps so the system will function without being connected to the internet? About