ALK CoPilot 11 doesn't recognize my Bluetooth GPS receiver
Well, I've been using Co-Pilot for several years, about 8 I think. I liked 9, thought 10 was great. I bought 11 to update streets. I ran into a problem. The receiver, (BTGPS3) will not work. Also the menu screen only gives me three options, (settings), (Quit CoPilot), and (Volume). GPS, Routing, Map, Guidance and etc are not highlighted. It does not recognize my receiver. Anyone else having any problems like this?


I have a Treo 700wx. I use the CoPilot bluetooth GPS BTGPS3. I recently found after something after using the product for about 1.5 hours. I turn it off to eat, come back and start it up, then it won't locate. I think it says something like, Determining GPS location. This is BS. Paid alot of money for this. Happened twice. First time I was about 125 miles from home. Second time I was 175 miles from home.
By the way, I did reset the GPS and also did the "Setup GPS" again while I was out in the field. Nothing worked. I fully charged the blue tooth receiver when I got home. Same bs. I waited over night on both occasions, freaking worked. What the heck ALK. By the way, poor customer service. Not happy. Go buy something else.
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