Show information of ALL pushpins in Microsoft Streets and Trips
Is there a way to "mark" all push pins in Streets & Trips, and then use the show information function?
par5ntoo said:

Is there a way to "mark" all push pins and then use the show information function?
There is a way to hide all pushpins informations at the same time by clicking on one of it, then right click and click "Hide all informations". But unfortunatly, it seems that microsoft has forgotten to add the opposite, like something "Shows all informations"

At the moment, there is no known way to do what you want...
In Streets & Trips 2010 you can choose to 'Show all information' by right clicking on the Pushpin set. Click here to know more on the Pushpin management features in ST2010
The new pushpin functionnality in S&T 2010 is really a cool function, very usefull for any user that is using S&T a lot and want to use pushpins.

With this new feature, user may get there dream come true and now use POI free site as POI Factory and load any sort of pushpins set at the same time in S&T that was not really easily possible until the 2010 version. You may find on a site like this Millions of free POI like walmart in America, Costco, and anything almost you can think of. Just select excel (or txt) format and without a lot of work, you can fill your map with everything your heart desires. Without this feature in previous version, it was very difficult to load a lot of pushpin sets because it would crowded your map and managing which want you want to see was not really easily possible without deleting the pushpin sets you don't want to see!

Cool Cool features ...

Thanks for MS
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