What is the real fix for getting my old pushpins back into new Streets & Trips?
I've read the similar pins issues/complaints and saw some great responses. I thought I'd get this board a try also.

I have over 2k pins with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007. I've followed the steps and updated my template file in C:/etc.....
The new template has all the old pins which is great. When I open my old file it displays them as the large brown circles. What is the real fix for getting my old pins back? I just bough Streets & Trips 2009 yesterday and would like to keep it and be happy. I have a few other questions but wanted to start with the most important and just hit them one at a time.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi WestSide_Hos,

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There are a few things a user can do to get the old-style pushpin symbols into a new version of Microsoft Streets and Trips:

  • Download new template - This adds the old pushpins to new Streets & Trips. Files created in the new version will include the old pushpins. However, if you open (in new Streets & Trips) files that were saved in an older version, you will only see the new-style pins. To switch pushpin symbols of pushpin sets, go to Legend & Overview pane, right-click the desired pushpin set, and make your changes in Properties. (You may need to import the desired pushpin symbols, if they are not available.)
  • Use the .exe by Yves to modify your Streets & Trips - This will modify some Streets & Trips file(s), so be aware that this is not a procedure supported my Microsoft (should something go wrong, you are on your own). This application adds old pushpin symbols to your new Streets & Trips. Files saved in an older S&T will open with their correct pins when opened in a new version.
For compatibility with old files, i would try the last solution first (.exe by Yves), cause the chance of success is better i guess...
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