HP 2133 (Windows 7) Won't install DeLorme Street Atlas 2009 Plus
Hi all,

I just got DeLorme Street Atlas 2009+ off of eBay and have a HP 2133.

Since it has no DVD drive, I made an ISO and ported it over. When I try to run setup, I get this error:

"Setup requires that Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable be installed.

Please run Setup.exe to install prerequisites"

Problem is, I already tried to run the 2005 redis. straight from Microsoft, and it just extracts and dies, with no actual installation.

That is very confusing. If you use an ISO, I assume you have to create a virtual DVD folder to locate it to. Everything that is required to install SA2009 is on the DVD including the Visual C++ part. So, if you are installing from that ISO, it should work fine.

Did you try to network a DVD reader to your HP and install it from there?

Well, I think it IS in there, but when i try to run this certain Windows file in the folder, I get the error there is not enough storage

I got 50GB left, there IS enough storage
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