How to get GPS coordinates of pushpins in Streets & Trips?
Is there anyway to get the GPS Coordinates of a pushpin?
Sort of:

In Streets & Trips 2009: zoom at maximum level (to get some location precision), than hove your mouse on any spot you want (including a push pin if you want) to get the coordinates. Look at the bottom right of the screen to get the coordinates...
Thanks, that works. but I wish the pin could show it. I have exported and converted it....That works.
Originally Posted by icdoo
Is there anyway to get the GPS Coordinates of a pushpin?
I don't understand the question, perhaps due to its brevity. Are you talking about pushpins where the coordinate data (lat/long) is known but just not displayed in the pushpin flag? For instance, if you have downloaded a data base of locations, you can specify what data is displayed in the flag, including lat/long.

If the coordinates are unknown, you cannot have the pushpin display that unknown information without taking steps to discover them.
If I add a pushpin on the map, can I get the gps coordinates without expoting the file?
From Sreets & Trips 2010 you will be able to copy the lat/long of the cursor location into your clipboard.

More info here at our blog: How to copy latitude and longitude (lat/long) coordinates in Streets & Trips 2010
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