Pushpin / waypoint showing name / label in Streets & Trips
I use Microsoft Streets & Trips while out Geocaching. I have to right click on the pushpin to get the name or waayoint number when I need to look up the cache.

Is there a way to have the name/label show full time on the map, without the need for the right click?
Streets & Trips 2010 has the ability to turn on/off the Pushpin balloon information or even the pushpin sets.

more info here: New for 2010 – Improved Pushpin Control

Originally Posted by Marvin Hlavac
Show/Hide pushpin set, Show/Hide pushpin information

For many years, users have repeatedly asked for the ability to easily turn on/off pushpin information balloons, and also to turn on/off pushpinsets. But just like with the GPX import/export feature mentioned earlier, I had never really expected to ever see this feature in a new Streets & Trips version because user requests for it in the past never succeeded.

Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 adds the ability for users to easily hide/show individual pushpin sets. When pushpin sets are shown, users can toggle show/hide all pushpin information balloons. Again, kudos to the good people @ MSFT for implementing this so very helpful functionality.
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