How to use Live Search (Ctrl+K) in Microsoft Streets and Trips
How do you get items to populate into Live Search (Ctrl-K) when searching, if you are connected to the Internet?
Hi Icdoo,

From Streets & Trips 2009 onwards the FIND UI in the Advanced toolbar serves as a single search text box for addresses and for business searches.

When you are connected to Internet and search for a business, e.g. 'Pizza, Bellevue, WA' then you get "Online results" from Bing that also includes ratings and reviews.

And when you are not connected to the internet and search for businesses then you get the results from the local POI or "Offline results" (Find Nearby Place data) which does not have ratings and reviews.

You can also make Streets & Trips search only for Offline results when connected to the Internet by unchecking the 'Search using Live Search when online' checkbox under Tools menu - Options (Settings Tab)
Marvin Hlavac

Notice the highlighted line "Businesses (25)..." in the Find dialog box. That is the line users must select to view the "Live Search" results. I suspect this may not be obvious to first-time users of this feature, and perhaps this was the reason why this question was asked in this thread. Would "Live Search results (25)..." be more intuitive?

Gladwin, I didn't know this feature worked even when off line. I guess I never tested it when off line - I'm online all the time, even when driving.

This feature seems to behave differently when used off line, though. While online, I may zoom my map into a part of town I'm interested in, and the search will be automatically performed only in that specific geographical area. However, when off line, Streets & Trips searches the whole USA/Canada unless I enter a city name. But I may not be interested in searching the whole city, so this feature, when used off line, may not be as practical to use as it is when connected. When off-line, I would prefer to use the 'Find nearby places' (Ctrl+D) feature instead.

I wonder if it would be possible to change the behavior of this feature in future versions of Streets & Trips so that it searches only the area displayed on the map, even while not connected to the Internet.
Thanks for the feedback Marvin. We will look into it.
Here my two cents:

It is so unclear even for an experienced user (like me ) when S&T is using live search or not? Since i read previous Marvin comment, now some lights are coming in front of my eyes .

It must be definitly improved. When i am searching, i wanna know exactly if the result is coming live or not. The reason: if i am at home and i have internet access, i want to know that a search result is coming from internet or the offline database. This is important because when i am travelling offline later and doing the same search, if i cannot find the result anymore because i didn't know it was not in offline database, i am in trouble! Not all users are lucky like Marvin and have internet access all the time even when traveling
However, when off line, Streets & Trips searches the whole USA/Canada

What I see in your drop list is Europe and South America as well.

What I guess I don't understand is why when doing a "Live Search", it doesn't also automaticly include (conbine) the "Offline Results" as well.
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