Truck drivers, which GPS software/hardware do you use on your laptop?
Hi, great site here! I am curious if there are are any truck drivers on here because I will be getting on the road in a few weeks and wanted to know what setups they are using with the pros and cons.

I am looking for which GPS software and receivers are being used. To me Microsoft Streets and Trips looks pretty good but, not real sure which receiver to go with. Any information would be greatly appreciated!


I use the BU-353 puck. It's magnetic, but not really strong. So, I set the puck on a metal plate attached to the antenna on my passenger side door, then put a bit of electrical tape around it just to help hold it down. It doesn't affect the reception (the tape).

I've also just set it on my dash-mounted cb and had great reception, but this depends on the type of truck you're in and how much the roof overhangs as well as what the roof is made of (fiberglass or aluminum). My Volvo had a fiberglass roof and it didn't seem to affect the reception, while a driver in a KW did the same thing and had horrible reception.
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