Plan your trip with MS Streets & Trips, then travel with your Garmin PND
Marvin Hlavac
Many users like Microsoft Streets & Trips for its trip planning capabilities, yet after the planning has been done some use their Garmin PNDs (Personal Navigation Devices) for the actual in-car navigation. However, there has always been a feature missing - it has never been easy to get the data from Streets & Trips into a Garmin device. People resorted to various 3rd party software solutions to export data from S&T. Will this ever change? Garmin users have been requesting this functionality from Microsoft for many years.

Only the time will tell whether or not Microsoft Streets & Trips will ever be more Garmin-friendly. However, the on-line version of Streets & Trips, "Live Search Maps" by Microsoft, is now able to do just that! And it is promissing to do it in a user-friendly way. You don't even need a cable between your computer and your Garmin PND! Place your pushpins on the map, select "Send to GPS", and your pushpins will be sent wirelessly to your PND via MSN Direct service (MSN Direct receiver + subscription required).

It will be interesting to see if even the next version of the DVD product, Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009, comes with the same capability. Still the desktop program is easier and quicker to use than the on-line version.

And the next question would be if the upcoming Garmin Mobile PC software supports this as well. I haven't yet seen the new Garmin Mobile PC program, which is supposed to be released in about 4 months, April of 2008. But if it doesn't have better trip planning capabilities than the Garmin PNDs, then likely some users may want to again do their planning in Microsoft Streets & Trips...
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