Garmin nRoute doesn't show small roads
I have Garmin City Navigator 7 (Australia), City Navigator 9 (Australia) and nRoute. I have unlock code for both products. Both maps are unlocked and show fine details of roads. I also have nRoute installed. These products are installed on a laptop and are use in conjunction with a Garmin Etrex Legends GPS.

Garmin nRoute works fine as a moving map showing an accurate up-to-date position. However it only shows the main highways/roads. It shows OVER ZOOM for anything less than 10 kilometers. When driving through suburban road the vessel shows the position but areas are blank with no small roads showing. nRoute apparently does not need an unlock code. Can anyone advise as to what I am doing wrong or what else I need to do.

With thanks
Ken in Regina
It sounds like you're only seeing a basemap. Since Mapsource and nRoute don't use basemaps like Mobile PC or Garmin's personal navigation devices, it sounds like you have a basemap selected for the map display in nRoute.

nRoute has the same map selector dropdown as Mapsource. Make sure you have one of the detailed (City Navigator) maps selected.

Hi Ken,

Thank you!

It works fine now!

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