Which lake software for Bluetooth GPS receiver and laptop?
I'm in Minnesota and have been looking for some lake software like this: LakeMaster Fishing Software.

I don't have the GPS unit yet, but am interested in a Bluetooth receiver. I contacted the website above and they hadn't tested any Bluetooth receivers with their software.

For instance, If I purchased Garmin Lakemaster software and the GPS10x Mobile PC bundle, would I be able to use the Garmin Lakemaster with either Mobile PC or nRoute?

Anyone had any success using their Bluetooth receivers, laptop, and any inland lakes software on their boat?


Still wondering about this...I asked Garmin if their Lakemaster maps could be used with a GPS 10x. Here's the answer...Should I believe it?

Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I will be happy to help
you with this. I'm sorry, but at this time, the marine mapping software
will not work with our PC applications or with the GPS 10X receiver. I
apologize for any inconvenience.
LakeMaster software for PC says it is GPS aware. As it uses standard NMEA GPS data, it should work with any GPS including the 10x. Your laptop would need Bluetooth though.

However, LakeMaster does not appear to be a Garmin product so its maps will not work with Mobile PC or nRoute.

Thanks for the reply Terry. My laptop does have Bluetooth and Garmin does have a program called Lakemaster too.

Any thoughts on whether this would work with Mobile PC or nRoute?
I have no experience with the product. However, if it is similar to Garmin's other marine products, it will not work well with Mobile PC. It should look great in nRoute though.

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