Netbook windshield mount for $14.95
I found some more detailed info and pictures.

I cannot find a U.S. / Canadian reseller.

Universal Netbook Car Ki 7-13" Review By Netbookitalia

Originally Posted by mr2
I have plans to work on getting the netbook down in front of the dash/es. In doing so, I will be making some extention modifications. There may be a couple of people who may be able to benefit from this action.
Originally Posted by Marvin Hlavac
I'm very much interested in seeing that. In the current setup it seems the mini-laptop is sitting a bit too high for my liking.

Thanks for sharing the review and pictures!

Did you complete the modifications to your liking? Like Marvin, I'm very interested in seeing "the rest of the story", as Paul Harvey would say.

I just ordered two of the mounts; one for the car and one for the truck for my T91MT. In Tablet mode my screen will sit about where your keyboard is.

I do have one option still kicking around in my head to replace the small overhead console in the Eldorado with the T91 screen flipping down beside the rearview. If that ever happens I will document it in another thread.

And thanks for the writeup and pix.

Ken in Regina
Hi Ted,

In another thread, a member has tried the overhead console thing and ran into a showstopper. When you mount it like that and flip the screen down, the screen is upside down. He can't find any way on his device to get Windows to display upside down, e.g. flip everything 180 to display it.

Yes Ken I read his thread on the overhead in his motorhome. I thought he abandoned it because he would have had to wear his bi-focals upside down.

Just kidding. He did mention that the screen was too high for his glasses.

My T91MT will convert to a tablet. As such, video will rotate from normal landscape to 90, 180, or 270. I'll have to look up the routine that rotates it.

Sporting goods outlets down here have plastic clingy lenses that are made to convert common sunglasses to bi-focals. They are made for the fisherman who can't see to tie on a lure while wearing off the shelf sunglasses. You can trim them with scissors or a sharp scalpel and fix them to the tops of your lenses if needed to see above your normal sight plane.

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