Time stamp Waypoints off by 7 hours
When I export a GPX file from DeLorme Street Atlas 2009 Plus the time stamps are forward by 7 hours. The computer and GPS time settings are correct.

I use POIConverter to export the GPX file into Excel.

When I check the GPX file right after creating it with notepad the times are wrong at that point so I know the problem is not the POIConverter.

Any ideas of a solution?


Ken in Regina
The data from the satellites is transmitted in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time, aka Greenwich Mean Time). Most personal navigation devices and navigation software on laptops store the track data in UTC. Then they use the UTC offset (aka Timezone) that you gave it in the setup to display it on the device. So when you see it on the device (or laptop nav software) it looks right. But the software is doing the time conversion only for display purposes.

As soon as you export the raw data, you get the true satellite data which has the time/date recorded at UTC, not your local timezone.

Check in the POIConverter options and see if it knows how to accept a UTC offset as part of the conversion. Otherwise, after you load the data into Excel you can add another column to your spreadsheet that adds or subtracts 7 hours to/from the time.

Thanks! Now I can at least explain what is going on to our clients and then see how they want to handle it.
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