Bluetooth GPS receiver JRT-29 not working Microsoft AutoRoute on netbook

I have Microsoft AutoRoute 2007 on a Samsung Netbook NC10 running Windows XP and have been given a small Bluetooth GPS (labelled JRT-29 in the battery compartment).

It appears to pair with the laptop OK as a serial port on COM6 and Autoroute can be set to COM6 but when asked to track Autoroute states COM6 available but no signal. I have been doing this outdoors, but have no instructions for the JRT-29 so dont know if it could be faulty, or if some additional drivers are necessary.

Searching the internet I have not found any instructions or any windows drivers. Has anyone used this with windows?

From another thread, that GPS defaults to 9600 bps - even on Bluetooth. You could use xport or GPS Gate to interface between it and S&T which has to have 4800 bps.


Many many thanks for this;

I missed the trick about baud rate i had no information on it for either the GPS or Autoroute, I had spent the best part of a day trying to get it running and with the use of XPORT3 now have it running within the hour.

Thank you so much.
Use the freeware solution I described here instead of GPSGate.

It works the same or better and it is free (or a donation)

xPort or GPSProxy

See these links:


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