Will iNav iGuidance 5 include Navteq Traffic Patterns
Marvin Hlavac
iGuidance by iNav is based on the Intellinav software by Netropa. There are several PNDs based on Intellinav software, the latest of which, Intellinav 4, was just announced at the Consumer Electronic Show 2008 in Las Vegas. The PND (Personal Navigation Device) incorporates Navteq Traffic Patterns(TM), making driving time estimates at various times of day and different days of week more accurate.

Most features that make it into PNDs based on Intellinav software, make it into iGuidance software as well. Let's keep our fingers crossed that iNav iGuidance version 5 will, when released, include this historical and predictive traffic data.

Press release:

Next-Generation Intellinav GPS Units First to Use NAVTEQ TRAFFIC PATTERNS

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NAVTEQ NVT, a leading global provider of digital map data for location-based solutions and vehicle navigation, announced today from the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show that Netropa, a manufacturer of location devices, will power its latest Intellinav models with both NAVTEQ(R) maps and NAVTEQ TRAFFIC PATTERNS. The new addition to the Intellinav line is the first PND to utilize NAVTEQ TRAFFIC PATTERNS, a rich database of historic traffic information.

Intellinav 3's functionality is enhanced through the inclusion of NAVTEQ TRAFFIC PATTERNS, which enables a device to provide more accurate arrival time estimates and alternate route options that avoid areas with the highest typical congestion. Georeferenced to NAVTEQ's powerful map database through Traffic Message Channel (TMC) location codes, NAVTEQ TRAFFIC PATTERNS utilizes historic speed data collected on highways and surface roads across the 48 contiguous United States. The product provides traffic information for expanded geographic areas and on road classes not currently covered by real-time traffic services.

"With the consumer focus continually being about time efficiency and accuracy, Netropa set out to build a device that incorporated the latest technologies to meet those needs," commented Michael Shiao, president, Netropa. "We naturally looked to NAVTEQ's progressive map and traffic databases to provide the solutions necessary to build the next generation of traffic-influenced Intellinav devices."

"Netropa recognizes the priority consumers place on the best routing solution and is pioneering the inclusion of NAVTEQ TRAFFIC PATTERNS to help address this," commented Winston Guillory, senior vice president, consumer and enterprise, NAVTEQ. "Launching the first PND utilizing NAVTEQ TRAFFIC PATTERNS with Netropa puts both companies in the forefront of a technology gaining momentum."

The Intellinav 3 boasts a range of other advanced features. With an intuitive interface, users can navigate through menus with ease. Turn-by-turn directions, powered by NAVTEQ(R) maps, provide audio and visual guidance throughout the routing process. A variety of capabilities, including a fog advisor, school zone alert, parked car locator, and an emergency feature that calculates directions to the nearest hospital, provide a safety and convenience package designed for the consumer on the go.

In the coming months, a deluxe model, the Intellinav 4, will be available that will also be powered by NAVTEQ map and NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns data. To experience the Intellinav 4, visit the NAVTEQ booth (#36008, South Hall) during the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show, held January 7-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Is there any hint as to whether, and when there will be an iGuidance 5? I skipped the upgrade to 4 since it didn't offer me much improvement over iGuidance 3. I would love to see fresher maps and the ability to import POI.
Marvin Hlavac
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I think the timing of your question is good - this is usually the time of the year when we start hearing early estimates by iNav when new version may approximately appear. I haven't heard anything yet. But I suspect we will hear something soon.
any news?
I ordered iGuidance 4 on June 21, 2007. So, I figure it's getting close to ordering iGuidance 5

Any news on release date of iGuidance 5?

I love iGuidance 4 and Streets & Trips 2008. I hope iGuidance 5 & Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 will be a great too!
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