PORTS & COMS (USB GPS receiver not recognized by laptop PC)
Re: Toshiba Laptop Satellite 300 - o/s Vista Home Premium 64 bit

I've installed the Microsoft Streets program into my PC but when I plug in the supplied receiver - GPS 500 it's not recognized! As a matter of fact there's no PORTS or COMS listed in the DEVICE MANAGER. There's a number of USB's shown and a USB - SERIAL CONTROLLER - D under other devices but nothing relating to the GPS!
What do you mean by 'not recognized'? Any time you attach a USB device to a Windows computer, it will ask for a driver unless one is already installed. Do you mean it doesn't ask or it can't find the driver? With Device Manager open does the listing you are seeing disappear when you unplug the GPS?

The Vista 64 driver is available on Windows Update. Sometimes the easiest way to get it is leave the GPS plugged in and go to the update site.

By "not recognized" none of the multitude of USB'S listed in Device Manager refer to a GPS. As for the recognition process when plugged in, it does not find anything internally nor when I insert the original installation disk when requested!
As for the unplugging idea I'll have to try that and thanks for the heads up on the Vista 64 driver.


Try installing the driver before plugging in the GPS
Did that...in all the USB ports!!
Once the driver is installed, it will appear in Device Manager under Ports (COM & LPT) with a fixed COM port, no matter which USB port you connect it to. The driver is smarter than the Prolific one in that aspect.

My screen capture is Vista32 but Vista64 should be similar.

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Do you have a USB to Serial converter installed?

Check out Prolfic:

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