Route Planner and Multiple stops in Streets & Trips
I am wanting to input multiple stops into Route Planner in Microsoft Streets and Trips.

Route Planner appears to be capable of only taking one stop at a time. I tried The Data import wizard using an Excel file. This does work but you end up with a bunch of pushpins. Then you have to manually convert the pushpin to a route stop one at a time.

This is better than typing of course

Is there any way to totally automate the process from an Excel file to a completed route?

If this info is here somewhere, I could not find it


Ken in Regina
I haven't played with S&T for awhile. Can't you select a pushpin set and ask S&T to give you an optimized route for the whole mess? I thought I did that last winter for a bunch of addresses we were doing snow removal for ... imported the addresses from an Excel spreadsheet and once S&T had found them all I asked S&T to create an optimized route for them. I just don't remember the exact command I used to do it.

If someone else can't recall off the top of their head, I'll be happy to fire it up and see if I can stumble through it again for you.

Marvin Hlavac
In Legend & Overview pane right-click the desired pushpinset, and then click "Add pushpins as stops". Then you can let Streets & Trips to optimize the stops, or you can reorder them in Route Planner manually.
Marvin and Ken,

That was it!! So simple yet so elusive, for a rookie.

Thanks a lot.

Have fun.......
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