USB port not recognize GPS USB receiver
Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I have been using iGuidance 4 on my netbook with Holux GR-213u usb receiver for a while.
I'm planning to hide my netbook in the glove box and use external lcd monitor for my car, but the netbook barely fits into the glove box.
So, for the usb ports I purcahsed 4-port usb connector, but when I connect the GPS via one of those 4-ports, iGuidance can't recognize it, but when I just plug in GPS receiver straight to the usb on the netbook, then it recognizes it. So I was planning to buy bluetooth gps receiver, and I ended up coming to this forum. So if anyone can help me to save some money and get this gps receiver work via 4-port usb, it would be very helpful.
I don't have your GPS or an unpowered USB hub. However, I tried plugging one of my USB GPS devices into a powered hub and Windows recognized it right away. You could test this by trying your same experiment with a powered USB hub.

You said that iGuidance didn't recognize the GPS but did Windows? Some GPS USB drivers assign a different COM port each time you change USB ports including external hubs. If Windows asked you to install the Holux driver when you plugged the GPS into the external hub, it will assign a different COM port and tell you which it is. If that was the case, change the COM port that iGuidance v4 looks at in Tools-GPS Options-COM Port.

If Windows did not ask for a new driver, I would suspect the unpowered hub. You can get 12v powered hubs or use a regular one and an inverter, however Bluetooth would be easier. If you are concerned about cost, cut a hole in your glove box corresponding to a second USB port as you seem to need more than one.

If you have a spare (or one to test with) usb cord around try using it in place of the 4 port hub, much like Microsoft's Streets & Trips solution is with their sofware receiver (ublox) bundle.

Does other devices work on the 4 port hub? What operating system are you using?
I have connected vga converter on one of those 4 port hubs and it works. I'm using window xp and windows7. I haven't tried using 4 port hub on windows 7 yet, so I will try that today.
If it is an unpowered hub, the maximun current from all 4 ports is equal or less than the USB port it is connected to (500 ma). Your chances of running a VGA converter at the same time with any other device from that hub are slim to none. Get a powered hub!

I only can use 1 usb port from the netbook, so I guess I have to get bluetooth gps receiver. I saw solar powered one, is this one any good?
Marvin Hlavac
bongta029, Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

Bluetooth, also the solar-powered one, would be a good solution. But don't overlook the suggestion Terry offered. A powered USB hub has solved the exact same problem you have described for many users in the past.
I have to agree. Many devices just need more power than they can get from a unpowered hub. The more devices, the more demand. The computer is limited how much it can deliver.

I have used usb for years and love it, however my rule of thumb has been to buy hubs with power adapters. You may not need it, but it is there when you do. In addition, with a little searching one can have a powered hub for close to the same price as an unpowered one. This unit I have a few of. It is very flexible, i.e. usb cable can be used by itself as well as the hub and adapter or in combinations. The price is less or equal to any combination of two pieces in the 3 piece set. It has been available at WalMart. The only downside is the power adapters can produce a hum in varing degrees, from none to a little more then you would like in a very quiet environment. With my netbooks running on SSD's (no moving parts, i.e. fans, disks, etc.), thus no noise at all, the adapter needs to be the same. I have exchanged until I get dead silence units.

One reason I suggested the single usb cable was to narrow the field as to devices and save myself some explaining.
Many 12V to 120V inverters on the market have a 5V powered USB port.

Alternatively, get a device (my back up camera screen, for example), or a cigarette lighter adapter that have a 5V output.

You can also get devices that put out power in the 1394 firewire format.
Ken in Regina
Hi d111,

I don't see how that is helpful for this particular problem.

thanks for the advice, but I don't want to use powered usb hub in my car because it's too much of an hassle and I want to minimize running any extra cables in the car. so I will probably stick with bluetooth gps. Now I need some advice on which bluetooth gps receiver I should get
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