Streets&Trips 2007 / iGuidance 4.x / Haicomm Bluetooth GPS loses connection
Hi everyone,

A while ago I posted about how my Haicomm Bluetooth GPS keeps losing connection with Microsoft's Street & Trips 2007 and iNav iGuidance 4.x.

This happened on an ASUS eeePC 1000 and nothing worked --- not even Franson's GPS gate ver. 2.0

Well, the problem has been solved with a freeware solution.

Get a hold of Curious Tech's xPort serial COM port splitter.


Once I installed it, it keeps the GPS logged in (even with a machine shut down and restart) without having to reenter the Bluetooth pairing security code.

The only trick is to set it up to have each mapping program use a different COM port.

Highly recommended software... I have version 1.35 dated 07/11/09


Another possible candidate that does the same thing that I did not test is this one:


GPSProxy | Get GPSProxy at SourceForge.net


While we are on the subject of Bluetooth, FINALLY Broadcom released a nice little link to their site that downloads an automatic version checking / updating program that automatically updates your Bluetooth installation to the latest version.

See this link below:

Broadcom.com - Bluetooth Software Download

Thanks to everyone who helped me on this issue.
Xport is my favorite one and is working pretty well on my laptop for me too
Remember Xport is Donationware. If it does a good job for you, consider giving something back to the developer. If everyone who uses it participates, the program might continue to be improved.

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