How to do large vehicle routing with Microsoft Streets and Trips

I was wondering if you guys can give me a little information about this software.

I have recently purchased microsoft streets & trips to use for the routing of buses at the company i work for.

I know that there are certain roads that our vehicles are not allowed to go on, so my question to you is there a way to set up S&T to automatically avoid these roads and will it already know which roads we are not allowed on?

Thank You in advance
Ken in Regina
No, Streets&Trips will not already know which roads the buses are not allowed to go on. As far as I know, the map data in S&T does not contain load limits or any other data item that could be keyed on for this use.

Yes, there is at least one method that could be used. It's called the "Avoid area" function. You can use the mouse to create a rectangular area that will be designated to avoid. That tells S&T to "detour" around the rectangular area you created. There may be other ways to do it.

Ken said:

Yes, there is at least one method that could be used. It's called the "Avoid area" function.
Unfortunatly, avoid area has proven to be a little on the buggy side. Don't rely on it for critical situation without verifying the route to be sure it is not using the avoid area.

See this thread for more info: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/1052-correct-use-avoid-area-feature-microsoft-streets-trips
Marvin Hlavac
Hi cdc515,

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Even though you may come across an occasional imperfection in the feature, the Avoid Area function will help, and Microsoft Streets & Trips is the right product for the task.

There are many truck drivers, RV/motorhome drivers, and others around here who will likely share their favorite ways of trip planning.
Mandolin Guy
cdc515 and Marvin, look to the truckers. Most states consider motorhomes as ordinary vehicles when it comes to traveling. With only a couple of exceptions, a standard "car" license is all that's necessary to drive a motorhome. Also, they don't stop at weigh stations like the big rigs and are allowed on residential streets when big trucks may not be.

There are several programs designed for big vehicles, primarily trucks. You might look at those.
Don't even waste your time with a consumer grade product.

Specialized products is the only way to go --- for trucks.

Unless you want to risk seeing a "Max Headroom 2m / 7ft" sign....
Mandolin Guy
d111, that's probably good advice, however, if he elects to use either S&T or DeLorme, there are overlays available to help. The Discovery RV web site has overlays that cover 12' 4", 12' 6", 12' 9" and 13' 2" clearances. In addition, there is some truck stop information, restaurant informaton, etc., available.
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