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Bug in 2.53 w/. Menu & Navigate Buttons
In 2.53 with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008, the following demonstrates two bugs related to navigation:
1) Start S&T Keys & allow it to start Street & Trips 2008.
2) Click the "Menu" button in the lower-left corner of the map.
3) Click the "Destination" button.
4) Type any valid address into the destination box and click the "Add to Route" button.
5) Select the correct address in the clarification dialog that comes up and click the "Ok" button.
6) Click the "Menu" button again.

Expected Outcome
The menu comes up and the "Navigate" button is enabled.

Actual Outcome
The map zooms out. If the user clicks anywhere on the map so that it is in focus and then clicks the "Menu" button, the menu comes up, but "Navigate" is still disabled (i.e. grayed out). If the user presses F5, navigation still proceeds.
Marvin Hlavac
GuyPaddock, thanks, and welcome to the forum! I'm not at a PC with Streets & Trips on it, so I cannot test it. I will do it first thing tomorrow morning. But in the mean time just a question: S&T Keys 2.53 is meant for Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008, not Streets & Trips 2007. The latest version of S&T Keys compatible with Streets & Trips 2007 was S&T Keys 2.43 (as per S&T Keys page) Which version of Streets & Trips, and which version of S&T Keys are you referring to?
Sorry, I meant 2008, not 2007.
Marvin Hlavac
Cool, thanks, I'm going to look at it. Shortly I'll let you know if I can reproduce it. I myself use S&T Keys 2.53 w/Streets & Trips 2008 daily, but I use keyboard, I don't use the on-screen buttons (so I don't really see how the buttons behave in real life...).
Marvin Hlavac
I just tested it - yes, there is a problem! Thanks very much for bringing it to my attention! I will have to see why the "Navigate" button is not working as expected. I'll post here as soon as I have more info. Thanks again!
Aside from that small bug, I love your tool!

I have a Sony UX UMPC with a Bluetooth GPS, and your program makes S&T extremely usable for in-car navigation. Before heading out for a trip, it's a breeze just to click a few buttons in your program and have it go from directions to mapping a route based on my preferences and giving turn-by-turn directions. It also makes it easy to use Microsoft Speech Recognition with S&T because SR can recognize all of the buttons in your program, allowing me to speak the button names; S&T itself actually does not appear to communicate any UI information to accessibility programs like SR (which is odd for a Microsoft app), so you can't use speech for it at all normally.
Marvin Hlavac
GuyPaddock, thanks very much! That's great feedback! I'm glad you find S&T Keys useful, and it is fabulous to see someone being able to use Streets & Trips even on a tiny, four and a half inch screen of an Ultra-Mobile PC !

I just found out what is causing the Navigate button to stay disabled even when there is a destination entered in Route Planner. Now I just need to fix it. I will post a Beta version as soon as it is fixed (hopefully today).
Marvin Hlavac
S&T Keys Beta 2.53.2

Here's a Beta version that fixes the above mentioned issue: Keys_v_2_53_002_000-navigate-button-bug.exe

Let's test it for a few days to see if all else is OK .
The installation of Keys version 2.53.2 fails with the error message:

AutoIt Error
Line -1:
Error: Unable to execute the external program.
The system cannot find the file specified.

I have Streets & Trips v15.00.17.1600
Windows XP SP2

I clicked the link in the message above, then clicked "Run". A box appeared with the message:

New settings are being applied...
Keys version 2.53.2

Then I got the AutoIt error.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forum, and thanks very much for the feedback!

Please don't click "Run". Save the file first, for example to your desktop, and then run it from there. I may one day create an installation file to take care of this issue, but in the mean time S&T Keys is just one single file which can be downloaded and run from any location on your computer.
That seems to fix the bug. Thanks, Marvin!
Well, my ignorance of Windows development is showing. I had no idea an install package was required to use the Run command without saving the file first.

Anyhow, the file installed fine, and the bug is gone. Thanks!
Marvin Hlavac
You are very welcome. I've tried to keep the program as simple as possible, S&T Keys has always been just one single file people could save anywhere on their computers, and then just run it. But I do realize that it may be easier for many of us just to click Download > Run, and let the installation program place the file somewhere, and then create a shortcut, etc, etc. I'm seriously considering to create some installation program, or using some 3rd party installer. I think I will eventually do it, it's just a matter of time. But I will also make available the version without an installer, for those who prefer it the way it is now.

Can you post the source code with the fix and a quick description of the bug fix? I'd like to do this fix to my personalized version with the added hotkeys for the truefullscreen.
Marvin Hlavac
I just uploaded the source code for this Beta. Get it from the S&T Keys page. The only difference is the following line that was added (at around line # 640):

If WinActive($MenuButton) Then
GUISetState(@SW_HIDE, $MenuButton)
If WinActive($productname) Then
GUISetState(@SW_HIDE, $MenuButton)
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