Laptop with multiple GPS software options
I've got this Dell laptop that I use with MS Streets and Trips. The navigation works real well with the GPS antennae. I also have Garmin Topo U.S 2008 installed and own a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx which interfaces to the laptop via USB. I also have DeLorme Topo USA installed.

Is it possible to use the Garmin or DeLorme software to get realtime GPS data and track a course or at least show current position? I see DeLorme sells an Earthmate GPS LT-20 that works with Street Atlas USA but I was hoping that I wouldn't have to buy more stuff.
Do a google search for "xport" or "GPSGate". Both programs allow one gps unit's signal to be "shared" between multiple applications by creating "virtual" comm ports.

Xport is 100% free, also.

Myself, I use GPSGate.
Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out and give it a try.
Ken in Regina
Hey Mike,

I'm not sure Malaki86 actually answered your question.

If you are using Garmin Mapsource with your 60CSx the answer is No, you can't use it with a GPS receiver. Mapsource has no realtime nav capability. However, you can download nRoute to play with. It should work with your 60CSx. I'm not sure whether Garmin's US Topo 2008 is in the new map format or the old format. If it's still in the old format it should work with nRoute.

nRoute will only install if you already have Mapsource installed. It will use any maps that is sees installed in Mapsource, as long as they are in the old format. I'm not sure when Garmin switched (will switch?) their American topos to the new format. The Canadian topos are already in the new format with the current version.

If you decide to download and play with nRoute, do NOT put your 60CSx into Mass Storage mode when you connect it to the computer. If it's connected via USB, when you're in nRoute, select UTILITIES > SELECT GPS and check "USB Device". nRoute should find it and switch it into Garmin protocol mode.

I don't know if the DeLorme topos come with software that will do realtime navigation. As far as I know you need Street Atlas for that, and I don't know if Street Atlas will use the topos. Perhaps someone more familiar with the DeLorme products can jump in.

Marvin Hlavac
...I think the new version of DeLorme topo now actually includes Street Atas 2009(!).
Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out and give it a try.
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