No maps shown after transfering maps to Garmin Mobile PC
Hi, I have a problem. I installed the maps via MapSource and I unlocked them, but I when I open Garmin Mobile PC doesn't show any maps, even if i go tools > manage my data > mapset it says no removable maps found?

Please help
Ken in Regina
What maps did you install in Mobile PC?

What device did you unlock the maps to? Eg. is it a GPS20x or GPS10x that came with Mobile PC or is it something else?

If you look in the folder that contains Mobile PC you should see a file named GMAPSUPP.IMG. If it's not there, the maps you installed were not installed in the right place.

Mobile PC is usually installed in C:\Program Files\Garmin\GarminMobilePC. The map files you should see in that folder are:

GMAPBMAP.IMG -- the world basemap that came preinstalled in Mobile PC.
GMAPPROM.IMG -- the detail maps that came preinstalled in Mobile PC.
GMAPSUPP.IMG -- the maps you installed, if they were installed correctly.

never mind i got it worked, i put the map into the USB stick and copied it to Garmin Mobile PC directory.
Update your copy of MapSource to the latest version and you won't have that problem.

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