How to update Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007
Hello everyone,

I have a 2007 MS Street & Trips. How can I get the latest update and does it work? I patiently await a response. Thanks alot.
Ken in Regina
You don't/can't update it. You just buy a new one. You have a choice of looking around for a really good buy on 2009 or waiting a bit for Streets and Trips 2010.

If you want to take a free look at 2009 to see if you want to buy it, you can download a free trial copy. It's fully functional. It just quits at the end of the trial period if you decide not to buy it.

You should read through some of the threads to familiarize yourself with some of the issues. If you have custom pushpins and maps you have saved, you might have some issues loading them into 2009. It's not very backward-compatible with older versions.

And as a convenience, you can have both the 2007 and 2009 versions installed at the same time (you can choose this option when installing the new one), so if you don't like it after the 60 days trial, you can just uninstalled the 2009 version.

But i guess you will like better the 2009 version because of the new 3d view (navigation view) and also that it is speaking street name...
Tanks guys, But I have 2007 installed from it was out. I used it every time I travel and got misdirections a few times. I really liked the navigation. I do have this since 2007. I would not want to purchase another S&T if this 2007 can be updated.
Marvin Hlavac
A common misconception is that in order to "update" to a new version one needs to buy the more expensive version which includes the "USB GPS Locator". No, that's incorrect. All that needs to be done to "update" your software & map data is to purchase the approximately $30 software-only version of new Streets & Trips. You can keep on using your old USB GPS receiver as long as you are happy with its performance.
Software maps are always some time behind actual road construction, which until 2008, was rapidly growing as new roads got added and neighborhoods got built out.

The 2009 stimulus will result in another round of construction projects --- mostly roads, interchanges, etc.

That will not appear on "off-the-shelf" maps until 2011 or 2012.

If you live in an urban area and do not go to areas with new construction, you may not care to update the data ever.

Streets and Trips 2007 do offer an update of "construction data" but it is not known how really up to date that is.

$30 for S&T 2010 is pretty cheap for an update.... or if you are a scrooge, wait for 2012.

I am updating my 2007 as soon as 2010 is out....

My other system is an iGuidance 4.x, which is being pushed to "end of life" because of their software activation policies.
Ken in Regina
Rusda2 and d111,

Please see my previous post:


You cannot update Microsoft Streets&Trips.

Marvin Hlavac
... in other words, the only way to "update" is to pay the approximately $30 for a new version of Streets & Trips. (Some of us do call it "update", even though that may not be the correct terminology.)
Ken in Regina
Hi Marvin,

It's a very important distinction. There is no conversion of user data and settings when you install a new version of S&T and there are incompatibilities between 2009 and earlier versions. For many people those incompatibilities will be irrelevant. For some people they will be crucial, and potentially painful.

So it's important for people to know, going in, that it's not an upgrade as we generally understand and expect ... that there will be no automatic conversion of their data into a compatible and usable form in the new version ... that if they have existing data that is important to them they better research whether, and how, they can get it into the new version because there will be no help from Microsoft.

Sometimes hairs need to be split to avoid potential pain and frustration .

Just my two cents:

Even with all actual limitations, the 2009 software version worth every penny you spent to get it, if you do not rely on old important 2007 files.

For around $30, you will get new street data, new 3d navigation mode (this one is a must try, this is the only full screen navigation mode i am using now since i switched from the 2007 version and i will never come back to the old 2d "sky" mode (but only in very few occasions), as it shows least info on the screen), a much better available S&T Keys 2009 free addon, speaks street name, easier move/zoom mode (no button to push), location coordinate displayed bottom right of screen, a little faster, compass available in full screen navigation, gps trail crash bug corrected, and so on.

The only feature i can say i missed a lot from the 2007 version is the 2 arrows to undo/redo actual map operation. But this won't make me return to old 2007 for no reasons...
Guys, I really appreciate this forum with all your comments. Since I have the GPS dongle 2007, a friend promise to install his 2009 S&T software on my laptop to see if I will like it. Should I uninstall 2007 S&T? So I will try 2009 S&T.

Thanks again.
Marvin Hlavac
I always keep my old Streets & Trips when installing a new version. Keep the old version for several weeks (or months) till you are certain the new version works fine on your laptop.You can uninstall the old version any time in the future.
Ken in Regina
You do not have to uninstall 2007. When you install 2009 it will ask if you want to keep the old version or remove it. Until you are completely satisfied with 2009 I would do three things:

1. Keep 2007 installed.

2. Make one or more backup copies of all of your 2007 data files. This will be critical when you start to use them in 2009.

3. Never let 2009 get at your 2007 data files. Only use copies of the files when you try to open them in 2009.

Thanks, thanks very much.

You guys have been a big help and support.

The old book says. "Share your knowledge, and you will empower others and be a hero to someone".

I love this forum.
Can a DeLorme Earthmate GPS dongle works with Streets and Trips or do i have to use it with the software that comes with it?
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