Export Zip Polygons from Mappoint to Google Maps or Earth
Hello Experts!!!
I need a little bit of .
I create delivery routes for a trucking company using MapPoint 2006, works great, but I can't send management the MP file since they don't have MP!!
Is there an "easy" way to copy, export, replicate, duplicate, or regenerate these zip routes in Google Maps or in any other readily available forum?
Any help or guidance will be much appreciated!!!
I've attached a sample of what I would like to see.
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Ken in Regina
Why not just a screen capture like you did in your message?

We're talking 2-300mi radius, need the detail as some zips are really small.
I cut and paste now, but it's really muddy.
Ken in Regina

Poke around here and see if there are any possibilities.

GPS Visualizer: Map a GPS data file with Google Earth

I'm not sure if Mappoint exports anything that you can use directly as input to Visualizer but you can always export to Excel and save it as something that might work. There are also conversion programs and sites available that might take something you can get from Mappoint and convert into something that will make Visualizer happy.

Here's a GPSVizualizer interface to GPSBabel's online conversion form.

GPS Visualizer: Web interface to GPSBabel

You should be able to get something useful out of these, I hope. If not a solution, at least some ideas.

Cool, thanks Ken!!!
Ken in Regina
Let us know if you work something out. I'm sure there are others with similar interests.

Sure thing, I was able to get the attention of our IT dept, we'll see what they come up with, they're talking about creating .csv files and overlaying onto Google Maps. That will be perfect!! I'll keep all informed.
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