Quick Newbie Question: Length of USB cable for GPS locator
Has anyone here added a 480Mb 3' or 6' USB extension cable to the Microsoft USB GPS locator? My desired mounting location is a little far from my laptop mount. The supplied cable is about 2' too short.

My concern is that the added length might cause the GPS receiver to be underpowered. Any thoughts?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi IronYuppy,

Welcome to the forums.

I think 3 feet will make no much difference, and it will still work just fine. But if you need to add a longer extension, and if it indeed becomes underpowered, then a solution may be to add a powered USB hub to your laptop.
Thanks. I'll pick up a cable and try it. I'll report back.
Playing with Microsoft Streets and Trips in the house. I knew I would require a longer USB cable for the car....so I bought a 6 ft. In the house, I connected both the 6 ft cable and the 4 ft cable together...ran the receiver outside and connected to my puter. Everything ran good
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