How to get distances from B to C and C to D etc in Microsoft Streets & Trips

I'm using Microsoft Streets and Trips for the first time...
I'm not really an expert on computer software, so don't shot me.

I'm trying to create a routemap for several routes.
So I want to go from A to B and next day from B to C, next day from C to D and so on.
I'm interested in distances from B to C and C to D and so on.
I'm not interested in the total distance from A to D for example.
But the route planner gives me the total...
How do I do this?
Again, I'm sorry if this very simple, I've tried but cannot find the answer.

thanks in advance,
I'm afraid you'll have to do some low-grade math to get that information.

If you look at the Directions panel, you will see the projected time and cummulative mileage. For the B to C mileage, subtract the cummulative mileage at B from that of C and you have the result.

Alternatively, structure each leg as a separate trip.
Hi Tatouage,

:welcome: to LaptopGPSWorld. You will be able to see the distance and driving time between your waypoints when you Print your directions including the "Summary Statistcs".

To do that,

1. you need to add your waypoints and 'Get Directions', then

2. Select Print from File menu,

3. Press the <More Options> button in the 'Print' dialog

4. In the 'More Printing Options' dialog, select 'Include summary statistics' checkbox.

Now, when you print the directions you will also see the summary statistics in the last page that shows the information that you are looking for.

Marvin Hlavac
Gladwin did it again!

I didn't know it was at all possible to get the distances and times from A to B, B to C, etc. This is a nice trick! I've heard people asking for this feature numerous times over the years. Always people would answer it was not possible, the feature wasn't there, get a calculator, etc.

I have added a link to this thread to Tips & Tricks for Streets & Trips.

Thank you very much !!

This solution works really good!

My wife and I are planning our US trip, we like to thank you for the fast help you've given us.

best regards,
Is there a way to preview that info without actually printing the directions? I can see it on my HP printer preview but it won't let me copy and paste it.
Originally Posted by dzwiss
Is there a way to preview that info without actually printing the directions?..........
There is no UI in the application that exposes this feature. but if you have Microsoft OneNote installed then you can print into that (in your print dialog printer selection list) and view this info from OneNote. that's how I was able to capture the above screenshot.
I do not have onenote, or Office, as I use Open Office instead for opening Office documents, however, in my printing dialog box there is an option to print to file. I checked this and told the printer to start printing. Nothing came out on the printer, but the computer was doing something, I'm not sure what, but I suspect that it was printing to a file (brilliant, eh?): however, I have no idea where that file is. I told it to go to desktop, but it seems to have mind of it's own . Am I barking up the right tree?
Microsoft products usually print to the default device without asking. Make sure your default printer is the one you actually have connected to the computer. If your setup works like mine, pointing at the printer icon in the top bar will tell you which printer the program will use.

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I was not trying to print out the driving directions. I was trying to transfer to some other file where I could just view the info without printing it.
I tried Microsoft Office Document Image Writer and checked Print to file. The resulting prn file opened on the screen. However, I do have Microsoft Office so I don't know if your results would be the same.

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Ken in Regina
I tried print to file from Notepad (didn't want to bring any wierdness of MS Office into play). Here's what I discovered.

I had no option to tell it where to print the file. It only offered me to enter a file name.

I searched and found the file in "C:\Documents and Settings\[my user name]. Yours is probably sitting there, too.

But if it's like mine you might not find it particularly useful. My default printer is an HP inkjet. The file contains all the necessary instructions to the printer to print my short text file, not just a simple text file.

I think your best bet is to track down a freeware PDF writer. They install as printers. You can select it just like selecting an alternate printer. It will ask you for a file name and usually gives you the standard file dialog so you can select the folder you want it in.

I tried that with CutePDF Writer and Foxit PDF Reader. Works like a charm but don't check 'Print to File'

I tried both PDF995 and PDFCreator and they both work. PDF995 was better. Don't check print to file.
Have you set up a TEXT printer? That is always an option, and if you set one up as a choice, it will print a text file to your hard drive where you choose, without the printer commands. Start, Settings, Printers and choose, GENERIC, Text Only as a printer.
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